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About Us

UnReal Garage Doors has specialized in faux wood painting for garage doors since 2008. Our goal is to give your doors the appearance of a beautiful wood grain that will make your house look amazing and increase it’s value. We can match virtually any wood finish and give your house that WOW factor, without having to invest up to $10,000 or more on real wood garage doors. We are friendly, professional and dedicated to customer satisfaction.


Faux wood painting for garage doors? How did such a niche home improvement company come to be?


UnReal Garage Doors is a small business, comprised of husband and wife team, Edgar and Lupita Maldonado.


Edgar is the artist behind the magic. Born and raised in Mexico City, Edgar discovered his love and talent for painting at a very young age. He continued developing his artistic skills and mastered the style of realism. To further expand the tools in his creative belt, he earned his bachelor’s degree in graphic design and worked in the design field for many years. Until…he met the love of his life (Lupita!) Love uprooted Edgar and planted him in Sacramento, CA. This new chapter in his life inspired him to once again pick up the paintbrush and began commissioning murals and custom art.


Seeing examples of his very detailed artwork, a client had a unique request to faux paint her garage doors to look like wood. She had always wanted real wood doors, but they were too expensive. After researching, he discovered the best materials for the job and perfected his technique. He painted the doors and the results were amazing! They looked fantastic and just like real wood. Referral after referral, the requests kept coming and we realized that this was a great home improvement that few faux finishers in the area were offering. And so, Unreal Garage Doors was born.


Since the beginning, Lupita has been Edgar’s greatest promoter, putting her Sales and Marketing degree and good business sense to work. She is the administrator and manages all aspects of the business.